Good old fashioned piecework. We stole a play from the construction industry’s playbook and have ditched hourly fees. Each service we provide has a pre-established and transparent cost so you know exactly what you are paying for. Click the red button below to get a quote from us.

One team to handle all your website maintenance

Benefits for using our services

Whether it’s WordPress, Shopify, Another CMS or Framework, we will make website maintenance easy.

  • Security Checks & Malware Scans

    Wawai protects your site from brute-force attacks and malware and regularly performs security scans to ensure your site's security system is up to date and optimized.

  • Fix Bugs and Patch Hacked Websites

    Scan all files on your website and perform server-side repairs to restore websites that have been affected by malware or hacking attempts.

  • Website & Plugin Updates

    We keep the software, add-ons, and other plugins on your site updated in response to new versions or recent security updates.

  • Updating Your Site’s Content

    SEO friendly articles make your website easier for search engines and readers to find.

  • Website Backups

    We regularly back up your site and store your data on a secure cloud server.

  • Design Update

    In order to keep pace with the latest trends in web design, we will assist in updating your website with affordable and transparent fixed prices.

  • Friendly Support Team

    We offer group chat support. Our expert team will always reply to your chat as soon as possible.

  • Speed Booster

    We use the latest tools, plugins, and techniques to ensure that your website loads as fast as lightning.

  • Adding New Features

    Adding new features can help you expand the functionality of your site, increase engagement with your readers or client, and grow your audience.

  • Search Engine Optimization Schema

    Adding the SEO Schema markup to your website can help client, and users quickly identify the service you offer and what it includes.

Why is Wawai a good choice as your web master?

Multicultural Team

We have a team of Americans and Indonesians working together to make sure you are understood, and that your website is culturally relevant and up to industry standards.

White-Label Development

We are able to provide white-label development services so that you can deliver top-quality websites to your clients under your brand.

Experienced Team

Partnering with us lets you use the skills and knowledge of our team of trained web designers and developers.

Easy Communication

We nurture our relationship with clients by maintaining communication every step of the way with support from our team who tirelessly cares.

Total Transparency

We provide access to Bugherd, which is a program that makes giving feedback on your website quick and easy.

Honest Pricing

We charge a flat rate for each service provided so you don’t have to think twice about being overcharged for hourly work.